In this day of everyone wanting to be the next expert, thought leader, and YouTube star, creating a personal brand is more important than ever. Now, before you take a deep-breath sigh thinking, "Where do I begin with this?" or "It sounds like too much work," you need to realize that you probably already have one! Branding is your identity in the marketplace. Is yours saying what it should? Your company image is about the appearance of your packaging. What is your company image saying to the marketplace?

Establishing your brand online is a necessary step in your overall marketing plan. More than ever, people find themselves online looking for information or entertainment. Whether the brand represents large corporations, startups, or individuals, it acts as a voice or personification of that business.

In social media, a brand is more important than ever. Without a developed brand, companies and individuals would have no focus in their marketing outreach. People wouldn’t connect with companies because they wouldn’t find a common ground, and return on investment in social media would be minimal. Social media services and sites are readily available for brands to have online support for many different functions, including video, networking, accounting, and more.

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A brand is more than a name. A name may identify a company or individual, but it doesn’t actually hold any meaning for the consumer. The brand (or personality) is what helps people to understand what the company is all about. Some of the many social networking sites available for brands include Facebook, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon It!, Yahoo!, Twitter, YouTube, and so on.