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Gardening activities: Level 3: Composting

adding materials to a compost bin

  • will improve nutrient content and structure of soil when used
  • helps mobility and co-ordination
  • helps to increase muscle strength and balance

You will need:

  • Compost bin
  • Organic matter
  • Watering can

clearing an area of weeds

Ensure the site for the compost bin is weed free

site the bin in a sheltered spot

Site the bin in a fairly sheltered spot

add coarse material to the bin

Add coarse material criss- crossed to allow air flow

add layers of organic matter

Build up organic matter as it becomes available. A mixture of coarse and finer materials is best

a rainproof lid is essential

A rainproof lid is essential to avoid waterlogging

add water if compost is too dry

But add water if heap seems dry

add to the garden as a mulch

Add to the garden when compost is brown, crumbly & soil like