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July - sowing lettuces

Looseleaf lettuces are easy to grow with a variety of colours, textures, flavours, and leaf shapes. Harvest can start as soon as the leaves are big enough to eat, and most plants will regenerate leaves quickly as you harvest them.

How to do it
sowing lettuces

  • Choose a wide, shallow container
  • Fill your container with compost
  • Sow seeds thinly about 6mm (1/4in) apart
  • Cover with 6mm (1/4in) of compost
  • Water with a fine spray
  • Place in a window with strong indirect light
  • Keep soil evenly moist until seeds are established
  • When plants are 10 – 12cm (4 to 5in) tall, harvest the largest tenderest leaves

TIP: Lettuces can be sown at 2 week intervals from March through to August. Look for different varieties to extend your harvest and enjoy freshly picked salad leaves throughout the summer.