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March - planting lily bulbs in pots

Many lilies make excellent pot plants and can be raised in a sunny spot indoors or in a greenhouse or conservatory.

How to do it
planting lily bulbs

  • Plant lily bulbs into pots then simply drop them, pot and all, into arrangements on the patio or borders, or leave them indoors.
  • Half-fill a large pot with compost.
  • Add five or six lily bulbs of the same variety in a 25cm (10in) pot or container.
  • Cover them with more compost.
  • Keep in a sunny spot, greenhouse or conservatory or while developing, tying tall varieties to canes as they grow. Terracotta pots are ideal, as their weight provides extra stability for the tall flower spikes that eventually develop.
  • Once the flower buds appear, feed the plants weekly with a liquid plant food.

TIP: When buying bulbs choose the most plump, healthy looking specimens.