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May - growing dwarf french beans

Generally considered second only to tomatoes in popularity among home gardeners, green beans are easy to grow and harvest.

Dwarf french beans normally only grow 30 to 40cm (12-16in) tall so need no supports, making them ideal for growing in pots, window boxes or patio containers.

How to do it
growing dwarf french beans

  • Sow bean seeds in individual pots, 4cm (1.5in) deep, in a 7.5cm (3in) pot filled with multipurpose compost.
  • Water well, label and place on a sunny windowsill to germinate.
  • Transplant into larger pots, containers or growbags spacing the plants 10cm (4in) apart.
  • Make sure you harden off your beans if you want to move them outside.
  • Keep well watered.
  • Feed with liquid fertiliser once the flowers have faded and the pods begin to form.
  • Begin cutting pods when they reach 10cm (4in)
  • Pick regularly to encourage more pods.

TIP: French beans are good for us, being high in vitamins A & K and fibre, but do cook them before eating to avoid discomfort.