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October - growing amaryllis bulbs

Amaryllis are one of the easiest flowering bulbs to bring to bloom. They have large flowers and come in many beautiful varieties and colours.

  • Fill pot or container with compost to within 4cm of top.
  • Place bulb in pot and add compost up to the neck of the bulb, being careful not to damage the roots.
  • Press the soil down firmly to set the bulb securely in place.
  • Put the potted bulb in a warm place 20 – 21C (68 – 70F) with direct light. Heat is necessary for the development of the stem.
  • Water sparingly until the stem appears.
  • As bud and leaves appear, gradually water more.
  • Bulbs will flower in 7-10 weeks.

TIP: Set up a planting schedule and achieve continuous blooms by planting at 2 week intervals for stunning colour throughout the winter