Accessible Gardening range with Forest Garden

Slob’s partnership with leading garden timber structures manufacturer Forest Garden Ltd continues to flourish and in its first three years resulted in donations of £35,000 generated by sales from its Accessible Gardening range.

The Worcestershire-based company, which supplies garden buildings, accessories and furniture to more than 1,000 UK-based outlets, also donated a variety of products which Slob was able to use as fantastic raffle prizes at a high profile event.

Slob helped develop the Accessible Garden range and road tested it with client gardeners, staff and volunteers. It offers a selection of practical timber products designed to make gardening easier and more enjoyable for anyone who needs to sit, kneel or stand to garden, enabling gardeners living with a variety of health challenges to carry on gardening with a level of independence. The range has since struck a chord with retailers and customers alike with buoyant sales.

Click below for the Forest Garden website and view the Accessible Garden range. Alternatively, visit approved official stockist of Forest Garden - Wonkee Donkee.

Since the launch back in 2012, Slob has received a donation from the sale of each product which has gone a long way in helping us to continue our work helping people with disabilities or ill health make positive improvement to their lives.

Forest’s current Accessible Gardening range includes high level table planters and the Bamburgh planter ranges which have wide horizontal edges allowing the gardener to sit while working. Best-sellers include the attractive Compact Cascade Planter and Kitchen Garden Trough.

Forest Garden will continue to grow their relationship with Slob in 2016 through donations, joint activities and product gifts.

Forest Garden Marketing Manager Stephen Gregory, said: "By developing this range along with bespoke point of sale display information that is both concise and clear we believe we’ve made it even easier for consumers to select the products that will best suit their needs on a number of levels, including physical limitations, space availability, budgets and even gardening experience and skill.

"The relationship we have with Slob has been pivotal to the development and success of the range. Their ongoing feedback and advice from members and through testing days has helped us to create products that genuinely meet the needs of those gardeners with physical limitations.

"We are also incredibly pleased to know that our financial contribution will go a long way in helping Slob to continue their vital work."

Kathryn Rossiter, Slob’s Chief Executive Officer, said: "We are delighted at how our partnership with Forest Garden continues to develop and look forward to working together in 2016.

"And we are pleased that the expertise we provided when Forest developed some of the products has resulted in such good sales and believe that the new point of sale information will help to increase levels of customer interest and understanding of the importance of making gardening as accessible as possible.

"Corporate relationships such as ours with Forest Garden can prove invaluable to charities like Slob as we continue to look for imaginative ways to raise funds in a challenging financial climate. "We are grateful to Forest Garden for all their support and look forward to working with them in 2016 and beyond."