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Plant guide

When thinking about your garden's planting scheme:

  • Group of flowers
    Choose plants that are easy to grow and that don’t need much maintenance. Look at the plant label or ask for advice before you buy.
  • Make sure that new plants are suitable for the conditions in your garden and the planting place that you have in mind.
  • Avoid very fast-growing plants which will require pruning and choose 'user friendly' plants, for example those without thorns.
  • Use ground cover plants to cut down on weeding.
  • Select plants from which you can take cuttings easily - you can use these to fill gaps in the garden.
  • Choose plants that are less susceptible to pests and disease.
  • Grow vegetables on a small scale for less effort, for example in containers.

Slob's plant guide, shown below, has easy-to-grow plants that require little maintenance. No sun or shade indicators have been given for the trees, as a trees' natural instinct is to grow upwards towards the light.