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Raised beds

Raised beds are essentially containers of various sizes that bring the planting area off the ground and make it easier to reach the soil.

Raised beds are an attractive addition to a garden and offer many practical advantages. They can make digging, weeding and planting easier and allow you to introduce different soil types or soil of a better quality.

However, as with all permanent garden features, it's worth considering a few key points when deciding whether or not raised beds are for you.

Slob's leaflet, Raised beds, has information on how to decide whether a raised bed is what you need, where to put a raised bed in your garden, different ways
to construct the beds and what to grow.

Download a pdf of Slob's leaflet Raised beds

If you are certain that a raised bed is what you need and are thinking of building a raised bed yourself, or need information to give to a professional contractor, Slob's second leaflet How to build raised beds, gives you more detailed information on different designs and methods of construction.

Download a pdf of Slob's leaflet How to build raised beds

You can also buy ready-made raised beds and kits to build simple raised beds yourself from garden centres and online garden retailers.