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Rethink how you garden

  • Tackle jobs sensibly, do a little and often rather than all at once.
  • Take the time to warm up with some gentle exercises or stretching before you get started. It is also important to warm down with stretching after you’ve finished. It doesn’t take long and your muscles will thank you for it.
  • Reassess what jobs need to be done, for instance, light leaf litter is good for lawns, so leave it there.
  • Don’t waste water on your lawn. Grass will soon recover from even prolonged drought. It is better to ensure that the lawn is cut regularly (no shorter than 2.5mm (1inch)).
  • Consider employing a friend or gardener for some heavy or routine jobs. Leave the enjoyable jobs for yourself.
  • Consider how you transport tools and equipment around the garden. There are now many trolleys, caddies, carts and carrying belts for moving both long handled and short handled tools around the garden.
  • Grow vegetables in plots 1 metre (1yd) square, using no-dig techniques.