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September - growing hyacinths for Christmas

A bowl of hyacinths will give you beautiful flowers and fill the air with scent.

To have hyacinths that will flower around the Christmas period, make sure you buy bulbs that are labelled ‘prepared’ and plant them in September or early October. Different varieties flower at different times so be sure to read the packaging of the variety you choose.

It is a good idea to wear gloves when handling the bulbs as these can cause skin irritation.

How to do it
planting hyacinths for christmas

  • Fill pot or container with bulb fibre or compost to within 5cm of top.
  • Set the bulbs in the pot.
  • They can be close together but not touching each other or the sides of the container.
  • Add more compost up to the neck of the bulb. The tops of the bulbs should just be showing at the surface.
  • Press the soil down firmly to set the bulbs securely in place.
  • Place your pot or container in a dark, cool place. Cover loosely with a black bin bag if necessary to exclude any light.
  • Check regularly and add water if they are drying out.
  • When shoots are 4-5cm long, bring the pot or container into the light but keep out of strong direct light, away from draughts and away from heat sources like a radiator.
  • Once the flowers are established, you can take your hyacinths into a warmer room for display.

TIP: Hyacinths make wonderful gifts to give at Christmas time.